Life is full of little situations, or 'life's little challenges.' These vary according to each person. How we behave and act to others must be done with sensitivity. In our recent training for the protection of children and vulnerable adults, a powerful message arose, 'someone in any given situation could become vulnerable.'


This implies that everyone is at risk. Vulnerability is an uncomfortable and unnecessary situation. As Christian's we learn that we must treat others the way you want to be treated. Put yourself in the other persons shoes, in treating someone with contempt , think first, would you like to be treated that way?


This is an adversity we must constantly face everyday. If we put God in the forefront He could say to us: "My Child, everything which I allow in your life is something for which you can thank Me. You can take full advantage of the opportunities in each situation." This can be difficult, especially during negative situations that were not your fault. However, if we view life as a journey and God as our guide, He could say to us: "To find your joy in Me in all situations must be learned quickly. At times of great uncertainty be especially sure of My activity for you."


In our recent Seeker event, representatives of the L'Arche community shared that Jean Vanier and his Spiritual Director, Pere Thomas were alienated from their Catholic community. However, because God was their centre, the emergence of the L'Arche community grew. From its humble beginnings in France with the simple message, that disabled and abled people live in commune, there are now 137 communities in 40 different countries on every continent.


"Let the world see in you the patience and cheerfulness of the heart which looks to Me for everything; let it see what My victory over evil has achieved. All the things after which men strive are not worthy to be set beside possessing Me."

Lets us all find strength through God.

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