Through the Bible, God offer's His thoughts on a variety of life issues, in particular the notion of 'fellowship' is pertinent to any Young Adult group. However, perceptions about fellowship have become warped in its biblical meaning, we view fellowship through fellowship halls, fellowship dinners, and fellowship retreats, but very few have real fellowship.


'Real' fellowship is Biblical fellowship. 'God’s method for the outworking of His will through the church.' Fellowship is not just about being together, it is doing together, but doing God's will together.


For this reason we should stop thinking of Christian fellowship as just doing things such as social dinners or watching a DVD. These have their place but they are only fellowship to the extent that rest, exercise, and eating are doing the work of the Lord. Fellowship involves actively doing God’s will. The things we usually think of as fellowship are certainly not the primary meaning of the word!


We can say that: “Fellowship is the relationship of inner harmony among believers that expresses itself in outward co-participation with Christ and one another in accomplishing God’s will on earth.”


At the Ministry of Seekers our events are a mixture of socials, discussions and prayers. If we remember that as we come together in fellowship, we are offering ourselves the opportunity to grow and discover how to 'fellowship' in the true sense of its Biblical meaning.



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