Commitment to Reality


John Main OSB  a Benedictine monk opened the first Christian Meditation Centre in London around the 70's. He had innovated and propagated the simple tradition of meditation, through silence and contemplative prayer, from the teachings of the early Christian monks, the Desert Fathers.


This was soon made clear that this tradition was not only for monks but is especially relevant in today's Modern society. He saw it as a way for the renewal of the church and the world.


In our Lenten meditation series this year, we heard a recorded talk by John Main OSB about our commitment to reality, the reality he talks about is to leave 'self,' to leave our thoughts and analysis behind and to be grounded in God. Through meditation we can discover a stillness and a silence where we learn to accept who we are.


Unfortunately he says "the real tragedy of our time is that we are so filled with the desire for happiness, for success, for wealth for power or whatever it may be, that we are always imagining ourselves as we might be, rarely do we accept ourselves as we are and our present position."


So why not take the time out to become still and learn to appreciate who we are, to be rooted in God who is the ground of our being.


Meditation is simple and practical. It is about experience rather than theory: a way of being rather than a way of thinking. Because of the profound effect meditation has on one's life it is even more than a method of prayer; it is a way of life, a way of living from the deep centre of one's being in every situation.

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