Faith Like Potatoes


With a title such as that, it made me think how potatoes have faith? Its quite an amusing title for a book, but it was highly recommended, so I took a chance.


It revealed the faith of a farmer, Angus Buchan, it is his personal testimony of his Christian faith and how by putting God first, he changed his entire life.


Who can ever say, they would risk their livelihood because they heard a calling from God? This is what Angus Buchan did. Despite cautions of arid weather and the lack of rain, Angus felt the need to plant potatoes. He believed that God told him to, and that all would work out well for him in the end. Guess what? It did. His faith was solid and he trusted in God to provide.


Potatoes were a risk in dry weather conditions, since they are almost entirely made from water, they needed wet weather conditions to survive, let alone grow and with predictions of no rain and dry conditions, who would take that risk? This is the perfect analogy to sum up Angus Buchan's faith.


However, the more we read his biographical story, the more he reveals that his faith is never always solid. His story reveals a very true account of trusting in God is never always easy, yes God blesses, but being a Christian doesn't mean your life will always be smooth sailing. Its your faith in God, despite personal tragedy, that will help you through life's difficulties. You must always trust.


Angus Buchan and his family always puts God first. This is how a farmer is able to run a successful Christian ministry alongside farming. Shalom, which means "peace" is the name of of his farm, unknowingly this name became his ministry.


Although, a very inspirational read I found it too evangelical at times. The idea of mass conversions and altar calls was too much. As much as I love the idea of people finding God and reading the bible, I feel faith is very personal. That is why I was more drawn to Angus Buchan's faith journey, than his achievements within his ministry.

After reading 'Faith like Potatoes,' I feel that my trust in God is not strong enough. I need to learn from Angus Buchan and believe that despite what is happening around me, I need to have faith and trust to believe that God knows best and will always provide.

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