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Seekers' Events

Typically First Sunday of the month with 12noon Mass at St Albert's Chapel followed by lunch after

Seekers in Sneakers
10am to 4pm

Typically Second Saturdays of the month we hike somewhere near Edinburgh

Third Sunday of the month (except March & April) at Caffe Nero, Quartermile

Seekers' Book Club
3pm - 5pm 
Praise & Worship Adoration Prayer 
 7.30pm - 8.30pm 

Last Thursday of the month (except December)at St Albert's Chapel

Seeker Socials
8.30pm - 10pm 

Last Thursday of the month (except December)at Apothecary, Quartermile

Lent Group
7pm - 9pm

Six Saturdays in Lent at St Albert's Chaplaincy

Seekers Weekend Retreat
Fri 26th - Sun 28th June

Weekend Retreat in Scotland (more details closer to the dates)

Seekers' Sunday
12pm to 3pm
Seeker Calendar
View our monthly calendar to be sure of the dates of our events!